Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Taste the difference....

Have you noticed that even small variations in the order of steps while cooking makes the same dish taste different? For example, when you want to make onion and tomato paste - the taste is different when you saute the onion and tomato before grinding and when you grind them raw and then saute the paste. The same holds good with ginger and garlic paste.

While cooking beans (garbanzo, red kidney etc), soaking them over night and pressure cooking them with salt makes them retain the shape (not becoming squishy) and soft and flavorful at the same time. Just playing with onions can bring out taste and texture differences. Adding a little salt while sauteing onion brings out its sweetness and makes the whole dish taste good. Even chopping the onion in different ways brings out subtle differences in texture and taste...

You'll find the difference in aroma and texture between using red chilli powder and red chillies slightly roasted and ground at home in a blender. Just by changing a few things, you can make the same dish taste different each time and will never be bored about cooking the same dish again... Mix and match, experiment and have fun :-)

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