Thursday, December 16, 2010

A trip to our local farmers' market

The Fremont (or should I say, tri-city) farmer’s market is open every Sunday at Newpark mall’s parking lot between 9.00 AM and 1.00 PM. Since it is a huge mall, finding a parking spot is no trouble. I also find it cheaper than the Sunnyvale and Mountain View farmers’ markets (my earlier residence). For us, a trip to the farmers’ market is not just a shopping experience, but also a Sunday morning outing!!  

My husband and son go around enjoying fruit samples and the sights and sounds of mid-morning urban farmers’ market while I go around shopping.

The Balloon guy who makes ghosts, aliens and swords for a tip, is fun to watch.

Fresh fruits and veggies at affordable prices - especially if you can wait until the closing time - between 12.30 and 1.00 PM.

My favourites - The greens
Mustard greens - great for Sarson ka Saag

The music man using a punched card music system and singing in French... may be German - not sure... 

The last few pieces of pumpkin

Interesting trinkets

Sometimes, we also find unique stuff like this ornamental 'Budha's hands' - At least that's what the guy behind the stand called it!! Amazing citrus aroma!!!

Beautiful flowers and orchid plants

My favourite persimon stand - $1 a pound. They are at their peak sweetness now and will be gone very soon. So, I grabbed 5 pounds for $4.

The dry fruits, nuts and chocolate stand from Rodin farms... They have an unbelievable variety of flavoured almonds - including corn chilly lime, wasabi etc... Here are the holiday cheer from them...

Some more holiday cheer!!!

Murali and Srihari ate lunch at the corn-on-the-cob stand... Thanks to California weather, some of us still roam around in half sleeves!!!


  1. Hope there are a few persimmons left for me as well :)

  2. Oh ya Suku.. Don't worry... There are lots!!!

  3. Tha buddha's hand is interesting. I've never seen that before. Also, your son really looks like you in that last pic.