Monday, October 4, 2010


How long has it been since I wrote anything here!!! I've missed you all and the blogging...
Hmmm... Lets see... I went to India, came back to the US, found a new place to live, moved into the new place, took up a new job, started sending my son to pre-school, went to India again for my sister's wedding, came back, welcomed my sister here, helped her a little bit to settle down and now taken a small break from work.... So, got back to blogging about my favourite thing - FOOD!!! and hoping I'd continue....

Mondays are roti days. Since I've been working, have not been able to make roti at home. I'd just pick up some from a restaurant on my way back home. Since I'm on a break now and was at home today, I decided to make it myself...

Actually, making roti has always been a challenge for me. It was one of those unconquered territories! My mom, a great cook (and my cooking inspiration) is a bad roti maker too! worse than me - can you believe that? Being rice eaters, this never made our everyday food any less delicious.

Roti, screams 'Indian'. When I call my self an Indian cook, I am supposed to make good (if not great) rotis. I set out on this mission... Made them over and over... not very successful or consistent in making the perfectly soft rotis. My MIL makes wonderful rotis and (unlike me) she never feels they were labour-intensive. This time when I was in India, I carefully observed her making rotis every time. When I got back this time, I replicated her method - viola!!! soft and great tasting rotis every time. Mission accomplished!!

Tonight, I used multi-grain atta (Pillsbury) and couple of table spoons of flax seed powder. I added chopped fresh basil from my garden, salt and couple of teaspoons of oil. Kneaded the dough with fingers, (new technique learnt - don't use the palm and don't put excess pressure while kneading) rolled the rotis and cooked them on a hot griddle. We really enjoyed our dinner and I felt a great sense of accomplishment.

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