Sunday, October 31, 2010

Persimmon - The passion of fall

It is fall. There is chill in the air and leaves everywhere... The first thing I look forward to during fall is the persimmon fruit and it perfectly matches the colour of fall.

I tasted it for the first time, when a friend at work brought slices in a box and I instantly fell in love with it. She told me the name of the fruit, but it did not register. In fact, I heard the name for the first time and 'persimmon' was not a easy one to remember... I had seen only the slices and not the whole fruit and I don't know the name... Hmmm... I din't know what to look/ ask for in the grocery store.

Next fall, I was at the farmers market and saw this beautiful pumpkin orange fruit (I din't even know if it was a fruit or vegetable). I went ahead and tried the sample and immediately knew it was the same one I had at work. I spoke to the lady at the stall and learnt about the two popular varieties, how to pick the right fruit, when to eat etc. Read more about persimmons here. I picked up few fuyus (the variety that can be eaten when crunchy) and enjoyed them. They have a sweet crunch - more like a cross between apples and chicoo (sapodilla). All in all they tasted awesome.

This fall, I picked up a couple of Hachiyas. The guy at the stall asked me to keep them tied in a plastic bag with apples to let them ripe. These have to be left to ripe until soft, before you can eat. if eaten earlier, it would leave a powerful astringent flavour lingering in the tongue. the first one was totally soft, I cut the top and scooped the pulp with a spoon and enjoyed the goodness. Tasted very similar to chicoo. The next one was soft, but had some hardness left - just a little, I'd say... I tasted it and wished I hadn't. It was that bad!

This wonderful fruit has such a short season, from late September to late October. Before I eat my heart's content, the season is over and they are all gone!!

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