Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween Dinner

Halloween parties are always fun.. It is a major celebration in the US, and yet, not a holiday. I wish we had the day off. This time it was on a Sunday and it became a whole fun-filled weekend. The fun started on Friday morning with Halloween celebration at my son's school . I went in with my DSLR and a tripod and hence became their official photographer :). I had fun all morning clicking pictures of costume clad kids. Then, I spent the afternoon grocery shopping for the week and specially for the Halloween night dinner.

Smita had called in for a costume party and potluck dinner. I had not decided on my costume until the end and at the last minute dressed up as a cat. The kids went trick or treating and then we had our scrscrumptious dinner.

I wanted to cook Halloween themed food. For appetizer, we (I say 'we' here because, Murali helped a lot here) prepared pita chips in Halloween shapes like bat, pumpkin, broom, witch etc. I had picked up a box of cookie cutters which had these fun shapes, cut pita bread, added seasoning, brushed olive oil and baked in the oven. We also made humus dip for the side and decorated a face on it.

For main course, it was orange and black coloured rice. I prepared tomato rice (orange rice) using my mom's signature recipe and Black pepper rice (black rice). I layered them one above the other with a face decorated on top.

For dessert, it was rasgulla ghosts decorated with cloves.

Apart from these, we had wonderful punch, samosas, puffs, parata, and three kinds of side dishes prepared by Smita and Vidhya.

I had a lot of fun making these dishes and all of us enjoyed eating them as well.
I was running short of time and could not click the best pictures:( I will post the recipes soon.


  1. Hey Renu,
    Enjoyed reading this post. Lovely ideas - broom, witch shaped pita bread, ghost rasgullas.. Super...