Sunday, November 21, 2010

Pomegranate Juice-Shake

This drink is kind of in between juice and shake and so, I called it a 'Juice-Shake'. It is actually milk shake, with lot less milk than you would normally use. It is very light and tasty and is a great drink for any occasion.

Just thinking about it takes me to those road-side juice shops of Chennai (in India). Chennai is hot and humid almost through out the year. Even during the winter months (do we even have winter??), the temperature is around 80F with at least 70% humidity. So, these juice shops are a boon for the folks spending their day outdoors. For about Rs. 40, ( less then $1), one can drink a tall glass full of pomegranate juice. The 'juice guy' would score the fruit into half, hold it in his palm skin-side up over a blender, tap it with a laddle to loosen up the arils, add milk, sugar and ice, blend, filter and serve. They are so quick, that they can handle 5-10 guests at a time!!

In this recipe, I have followed the same method as that of the 'juice guy'. I used about 2 cups of milk, 6 tea spoons of sugar and arils from 3 large POM Wonderful pomegranates. You can of course, substitute with 100% POM Wonderful  Pomegranate Juice. Blend them all together, filter and cool in the refrigerator before serving. You can garnish with few arils and a spring of mint.

This was our welcome drink during the POM dinner party I recently hosted. I wanted to make it kid-friendly, still worked out to be a hit with everyone :-). Check out the recap here.

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  1. Would've been a great start to the dinner party. Cool Renu...