Sunday, November 21, 2010

The POM Decor

The second thing, that I was working on for the POM dinner party was the POM decor (of course, the menu comes first, right??). This is the first time we are working on such decors. Thanks to Murali (my hubby) who helped me a lot with it.

The simplest of all was the 'Lone Pome' (inspired by Lone Cypress along the 17 mile drive, in Carmel). A single red POM Wonderful pomegranate sitting on a jewelery hanger. It adorned the center of my dining table during our party.
The Lone Pome

Next comes 'A POM in a cup' over the fireplace. We picked up these cute wooden cups (set of 4) from Goodwill for just 99 cents :-) I put one pomegranate on each cup and placed them with gourds, flowers and cones on top of the fireplace.
A POM in a Cup

We assembled the 'Fall Pyramid' with pomegranates and pumpkins.
Fall Pyramid
We put some 'Fall elixir' on a tray and arranged pomegranates and pumpkins to form a pyramid. We held them together using bamboo skewers. Then we placed berry branches to finish off.. This arrangement decorated the side table in our living room.

Now, for the highlight of all displays... Murali designed a table top 'POM fountain' that sat at our entrance welcoming our guests.
POM Fountain

We made a small fountain using a large bowl of water and a fish tank pump that we bought at Petsmart. We arranged pomegranates on a cupcake holder. The top-most pomegranate was held in place by bamboo skewers. We used green vines from the front yard between each tier. We placed the whole assembly in the bowl over the fountain. You plug it in... and the water gushes through the fruits, splashes and flows over!! Isn't that awesome!!! 

We had fun making these and learnt a lot about decorations all the way along. These displays impressed our guests during our POM dinner party. Check out the recap here.


  1. Ah.. Wonderful decoration. Loved the Fall Pyramid. Superb job Murali n Renu...

  2. CMon guys - leave some good feedback on the POM Fountain - after all I was instrumental in creating it :D.

  3. oh my goodness! your POM decor is gorgeous and you did a lovely job photographing it

  4. Absolutely gorgeous....!