Sunday, November 7, 2010

Foodbuzz blogger festival - Foodie gift exchange

I attended the food blogger festival organized by Foodbuzz over this weekend in downtown San Francisco. It is a weekend filled with fun, food, foodies and more food. This was the first time I was there and was a little nervous about introducing myself to the people I didn't know!! I was very happy when Foodbuzz announced the new 'Foodie gift exchange' program to break the ice. Each of us would take a foodie gift that represents us and our blog to exchange with a fellow blogger. Since Friday (Nov 5th) was Diwali, I decided to have my foodie gift revolve around it. I was busy the whole of last week making goodies for Diwali and I put samples into zip-top bags and labeled each bag with their name and the list of ingredients. I also put in a hand written note titled 'A taste of Indian Diwali' briefing about the festival and the package.

On Friday, when I got into the Herbst pavillion at Fort Mason for the reception, I was seated at table 29. I gave my gift to Lisa at Korean American mommy. She was one of the Nature's pride sponsored bread ambassador.

I received a cute bag full of great goodies from Cathy at Show Food Chef . I wonder how she knew I loved persimmons... There was a jar of amazing Persimmon Jam and a piece of persimmon jelly. I loved the organic granola, two bars of organic soap and a cute t-shirt :) Thank you so much Cathy.
The gift exchange did break the ice and made me more comfortable talking to my fellow bloggers. Thank you Foodbuzz.


  1. Congratulations!!! Way to go!!!

  2. hi, great pictures. Wat was the response of Lisa after tasting the Indian goodies?

  3. Radhu: We had so much food in the festival that she could not taste them. Hope she enjoys them.